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What did you do to your model today?


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42 minutes ago, Shergar said:

Did it take charge?

Yes, it still works perfectly, which is funny when many of my much more modern batteries have given up!


This is what it goes in:



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10 hours ago, Shergar said:

Holiday buggy? Or Beach buggy?

Holiday Buggy from the early 1980's.  I decided to restore it after foolishly painting it many years ago.  Will start a new thread tomorrow documenting the work I've done so far and taking a close-up look at the buggy and all the period electronic equipment.

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10 minutes ago, steephill said:

Replaced the stock servo on my Trx4 Defender. I swear those stock traxxas servos have a countdown timer. 

That certainly wouldnt surprise me mate :rofl:

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Started and ran two nitro Savages that hadnt been used for about a year.  One had a stuck carb so a reminder to use some after run oil in carb. Both went well after some tuning but old original tyres have started to split/crack on one.

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Did a bit of maintenance on one of the TRX4s.

It had a good run when we were on holiday in North Yorkshire.

Cleaned, checked and re-greased both diffs.

Greased inside of the axle bearings.

Replaced a worn end on one of the rear rods.

Checked pinion and spur.

Flushed motor internals with GT85, oiled bushes.

Cleaned and rebuilt the 4 leaking shocks, used 3x o-rings instead of the problematic Traxxas seals.  (Did the same on the other TRX4 and not leaked since).

Cleaned the sheep **** out of the tyre treads.

Fixed broken wire on lighting.


Job slowed due to being unable to remove a lot of the stainless screws. I fit a kit made by RCScrews ages ago and nothing but problems with them, very soft and round out too easy.  They are fine when screwed into plastic but I have a lot of alloy parts and have to use threadlock. Now replaced with better quality stainless screws/bolts.


Ready for it's next outing. 

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