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    Corally 1/8 Dementor XP 6s Review

    New in 2020 comes the Dementor from Team Corally. Corally have been around long enough to know their onions, having won several world titles. However, they don’t just race, they bash too! Here we take a look one of their 1/8 scales, a very fast 1/8 scale Monster Truck.


    Out of the box you’ll get the car, transmitter and the usual paperwork. That’s the unboxing done!


    The transmitter is comfy in the hand with nicely weighted trigger and steer-wheel. It has the usual trim adjustments and reverse switches. The steering can quickly and easily be dialed up or down to suit either your driving style or terrain. It runs on just four AAs, but still has the right amount of weight to feel right. Now let’s get to the main event!


    The Dementor is a 1/8 scale, short wheel base, stunt truck. The bodyshell is heavy duty and has a simple fifties retro look to it. It also has a roll cage behind the drivers cab for extra body protection and sports a rear wing and wheelie bar, which you’ll definitely need! This truck has power, lots of power!




    The Dementor is designed for all weathers with moisture resistance built in to every component, from the steering servo to the receiver to the ESC. And let’s not forget rubber sealed bearings.




    The stance is wide on this truck, looking like it means business! Plenty of ground clearance courtesy of the huge rugged tyres and superb suspension. The shocks are aluminium bodied and fully threaded for quick and easy adjustment, and 16mm by the way! The shock caps are also aluminium for extra style and durability! This helps make short work of rough terrain and, of course, jumps!




    Bolted to the aluminium chassis you’ll find beefy A-arms designed to take on the most demanding of terrains, plus droop-screws for fine tuning. Sway bars are fitted front and rear to help keep the truck planted through the twisty stuff. Another worthy point is the towers, they’re CNC machined! And if that’s not impressive enough, the front tower is 4mm thick and the rear tower is a full 5mm thick!




    Up front are precision CVDs, while the rear has super tough dogbones to help cope with extreme power from the 2050kv, 4 pole motor! The Dementor is fast on 4S! On 6S........brace yourself! Corally claim 70mph, I’ll let somebody else test that! This truck rips, the power is brutal, but the drive-train is engineered to cope thanks to true 1/8 scale diffs and heavy duty drive-cups. The centre diff is a masterpiece of engineering with an ally diff cup and six planetary gears!




    The layout of the chassis is nicely optimised for weight bias, both front to rear and side to side. Right hand side has the servo, Rx box and motor. Left side is ESC and battery box. In the very centre is the CD mount topped off by a bodyshell support, nice touch! (Again!)




    The servo is all metal geared and provides 25kg of turning power, more than enough to get the job done. It’ll run up to 7.4 Volts for that extra zing when you’re avoiding trees, lamp posts and benches! (They do have a habit of moving around!)




    This truck is a great drive, providing smile inducing speed and handling! The rugged tyre tread is perfect for slinging up some impressive rooster tails, but don’t forget, too much throttle and this truck is airborne! The fun is all thanks to the great combo that comes pre-installed and ready to rip! (That’s RTR, get it?) The ESC is a beauty to look at, but the looks aren’t everything, it’s also what’s inside that counts! It’ll run either 4S or 6S, and counts out the cells with audible beeps so you know how lively things are about to get! The onboard BEC is not to be sniffed at either, it provides a maximum of 6 Amps, and is switchable between 6 Volts and 7.4 Volts. Of course the ESC has over-temp and overload protection to help keep the fun going all the way to cut-off! The motor is a 4 pole design with a 12 slot stator, this provides all the power and torque you could possibly need, and does it seamlessly and without breaking a sweat.




    The power delivery is silky smooth with no hint of cogging, Corally definitely got this right however the low gearing might make it a bit tricky to keep all 4 wheels on the ground. If you’re looking for an easy drive with controllable power, stick to 4s Lipo, otherwise, go off the rails on 6s!




    Who doesn’t love a one-wheel-wave?

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    Holy cow, do you see the ballooning on that thing?!?!?! Over all, I like the look of the truck though.

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    Like the looks of it! Really like the wheely bar! A nice wing saving device 🤓! Never cared for the ballooning tires on my vehicles but they look cool.

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