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    Corally 1/10th Moxoo and Mammoth Review



    Hands on review of the Corally Mammoth 1/10th 2wd Monster Truck RTR and Corally Moxoo 1/10th 2wd Desert Racer RTR

    Upon opening the box, you could see these were well thought out models, which was a welcome surprise considering the brushless version will only set you back about £200.

    Corally might be new to the game when it comes to these style of fun, bash about models but the Belgium company has been around since 1984, making some of the highest spec gear in the R/C racing scene. They know their stuff and it shows.

    The Mammoth and Moxoo are on the same chassis but there are some minor differences. Lets go over the looks,

    The Mammoth is the 1/10th Monster Truck, featuring a cabin roll bar and wide front and rear bumpers. The shell is much more dominant and has a wider looking stance.






    The Moxoo, is the 1/10th Desert Racer. Large cut out wheel arches, a full roll cage (with lightpods to fit LEDs!), short front bumper - and a rear wheelie bar. Then to complete the scale look a driver and co-driver. It looks so much fun and convincingly life like when thrashing it around.







    The chassis feature adjustable shock which are well balanced, body mounts (which allow the shells to be easily interchangeable), steel turnbuckles, strong HiCC8 composite plastic, that is also found on their bigger models and the best part, a full metal gear transmission (no stripped gears here on your first outing!).

    The design of the chassis has a basher in mind, the bulk is only where you want it, thick suspension arms, extra thick suspension pin holders and in the places that matter most when you hit a lamp post at full speed. The full metal gear transmission also allows you to do what you want when it comes to the throttle, the power will be put down without the awful whirring of a stripped plastic gear!








    Time to go get these dirty. Straight from the box, the Mammoth was equipped with their Brushless Kuron, 3500kv 4-pole motor with my own 2s 5000mAh Lipo and the Moxoo was running their Speed-X 550 15t Brushed Motor with a 7.2v NIMH. These setups are available in both models.

    It was fun to run these side by side, it's been a while since I’ve used a brushed model and it went quite well, there was some elegance with the Moxoo Desert Racer at a steady speed, especially in the tighter areas, it handled it well.

    Still no match for brushless though, I wish I had a 3s Lipo with me, which is what both the brushed (yes, brushed on 3s!) and the Kuron B/L setup is capable of. The Mammoth had plenty of torque and a great pace, I was thirsty for more.

    3500kv is a good middle point in 1/10th models, you have the speed, the torque and also the run time. It’s easy to get tempted for higher kv ratings but I always found myself going back to something more reliable with my other models. It’s the perfect choice by Corally.

    Wheelies were plenty in the Mammoth, despite the Moxoo having a wheelie bar, it struggled to get the front end up in the wet grass on the brushed setup. On the damp concrete, both had lots of time going sideways as the rear powered wheels kicked the back end, I got a little carried away doing donuts and attempting to soak spectators with the rooster tail of water!








    Overall, there’s not much bad to say about these, for the price they are an excellent model and if you can afford the brushless, it is absolutely worth it.

    To find out where to purchase these models, go here:


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