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  1. Budget? Can't go wrong with one of these: https://www.modelsport.co.uk/savox-sc-0254-standard-size-digital-servo-speed-/rc-car-products/367171
  2. Let's revive this thread, I'll be joining the group soon. I'll keep you all posted
  3. Well this has had nearly 1 pack through it since building and it is already up for sale. Monster trucks are awesome bashers but the styling doesn't appeal to all apparently. So this was a new kit with used tyres and shell, I bought a new Ford Raptor shell and painted it metallic purple. I broke the rear axle on it's first outing, bad luck and a bad landing made this happen, as this is one of the strongest trucks around. This part is on order, if you buy the truck before the part arrives, I am happy to either wait and post it all together, or post it separately when it arrives. Comes as a roller with no electrics, what it does come with is both shells and 2 spare spurs and slipper pads. As you can see from the pictures it is in near mint condition due to it having 1 run. The diff is filled with 40k oil, the shocks have 45wt oil all round, also included is the manual and some stickers. This truck will happily bounce around a skatepark backflipping off ramps etc... It is one of the best bashers out there. I am asking for £220 including postage and fees, or a trade for an Axial Yeti.
  4. We had a pair of TT-01's which we used together, but she never really got in to it. She isn't a huge fan of the hobby, as it can be a money pit and I'm supposed to be getting better with money. She has accepted the Ascender jeep, and the Losi 8IGHT, but because I sold the 8IGHT and got the Pro MT, she doesn't like the Pro MT styling.
  5. It's also the fact it's a monster truck, even though it suits my needs for a great basher... I fancied a Yeti anyway, but the Pro MT is an awesome truck...
  6. Wheels are on wrong too... one wide rear at the front, and one on the rear, very odd..
  7. £21 here Turns out the girlfriend is not too happy about a purple monster truck, so this may have to go to make way for an Axial Yeti (was on my list before the Pro MT came up for a good price) I would sell this as a roller and use the electrics in a Yeti.
  8. There are indeed lots of variations, the first one isn't sensored though, and 100a max continuous: http://www.horizonhobby.com/product/cars-and-trucks/car-and-truck-accessory/electronic-speed-controls-15136--1/mamba-max-1-10-brushless-brushed-esc-csemmbmax The last one, Mamba Max Pro is a great ESC, sensored and easily waterproofed with conformal coating (ran one in my RR10 Bomber no issues, always on 3s).
  9. I feel like I'm becoming like @.AJ. with people waiting around for me to sell them getting a reputation for not keeping models for long
  10. Bashed it and broke it:
  11. @Praet0r87 Mine broke the same way yours did, except mine was during a landing on to a muddy mound... Here it is painted: This is seriously overpowered, I can not even get full throttle without it flipping over, a lot of throttle control is needed. But sadly it broke, not even a full pack through it.
  12. Yeah I'm interested to see how long the cable will last, and how scratched the motor will get. Again it's a 3660 can, not the standard 3652 so hangs out a bit more. I might try and tidy the cable but not a lot I can do the keep it closer to the chassis. I'll have a look this evening. Rx box is fine now, can easily get batteries in and out.
  13. Go 2wd and get a Proline Pro Mt
  14. Short course offset is different however
  15. Get a 17mm conversion kit and Nanda block tyres.