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  1. Evening all. A few months ago, The flux reload v2 in my bullet St flux died on me. Months later, the one in my E firestorm won't give me smooth power all of a sudden. I give it throttle and it the motor jerks around, and the electronics get super hot extremely quick. I tried resetting it, but when I held down thee setup button and switched it on, the motor jerked on and off repeatedly. I've checked my motor, battery, receiver, transmitter, and the truck for mechanical resistance that might have caused an overheat, but they're all fine. Any ideas as to what's going on, and does someone maybe have a fix before I spend
  2. Thanks for all the advice guys. I'll probably bring a basher and a micro of sorts, and see how it goes from there.
  3. Afternoon all, I recently finished my A levels at college, and with any luck, I'll be going to uni in September. Can anyone here who was in uni or has recently left, shed some light considering the amount of time you have to devote to RC? I'm not much of a drinker or party-er and I'm well into the hobby by now. Is there any sense in me bringing my RC's or is it time to pack them away for the next 5 years? I feel it might be, but then I consider that I'm studying robotics and mechatronics and it seems to fit right in again. Could I find a halfway house and pick up a HPI Micro RS4 69 Mustang for uni hall drift sessions? How well do those tyres work on low rise carpets? Any contributions would be much appreciated. Cheers. Sam
  4. The sun came out, so I went outside, with the intention of bashing my stock Bullet ST flux. Right from the beginning , I found that the power delivery was rough and the car juddered at low speed acceleration. I also noticed that when it's acceleration was fastest, the car would swerve to the right. But driving at constant speed it rode straight as a ruler. I took it back inside to take a look. I propped the car up, so it couldn't run away, and gave it throttle. I was trying to figure out why it kept stuttering. The turning to the right problem was caused by the servo actively moving when the car was accelerating. Then the drivetrain jammed completely. I still had my finger pushing down the trigger, and then I could smell burning electronics. I switched it off and disconnected the battery. After a while I tried again, only to find it had no reverse. Moving the throttle trim to full reverse has no effect whatsoever. The only response I get when moving the trigger into reverse is the occasional twitch forward. As the ESC is waterproofed, there is seemingly no way to take it apart and look inside. I also noticed that the waterproof silicone type covering around the external capacitor's connections where split and had holes. Maybe some water got it and ruined... only the reverse function...? I would put my money on the power problems being due to the supposed waterproof ESC getting wet, or suffering damaged due to a huge build up of electrical resistance internally, but I'm baffled by the ghost servo steering. Can anyone shed some light? Can I fix my ESC, or is it replacement time?
  5. With the thought of the coming of spring, I'm certain I want to break into the realms of nitro. I'm looking to spend approx.
  6. I painted a standard lexan Bodyshell, the one specifically for the bullet st. The paint that fell off was a can of 100ml tamiya TS-6 Matt black spray. I suspect my prep was at fault. I also put a coat of halfords grey primer as an undercoat, (maybe slightly ironically) for durability... maybe that affected it?
  7. I recently bought a rusted, broken Bullet flux off someone, fixed it up gave it a new body shell, the works. I went out to drive it. I rolled it, as can only be expected with my driving skills. I went to turn it back over. This is when I realised that vast amounts of the fresh black paint had flaked, and literally just
  8. Hey man. I'm not running mine on a etronix esc, I run the HPI Flux reload V2. I don't know how that compares to the entire etronix kit. I originally was going to get the HPI flux shot 4300kv Brushless motor, but due to no stock they said get the etronix, as its basically the same motor, just different manafacture. I can tell you that with my set up I have no problems, but I wouldn't know how that'd transfer into the Etronix stuff.
  9. Hey guys, I managed to destroy my spur gear earlier this week, when my E-firestorm hit a curb and the motor slipped forward and the metal pinion gauged a ditch in the spur. The spur also kind of melted too. So I know I need to replace the spur, but it occured to me that I may need to replace the slipper plates and pads. It the further occured to me that I may need a different sized pinion. I'm running an Etronix Photon Sensorless Brushless 9T motor on the stock pinion and spur. Any recommendations would be grand.
  10. Hi guys, I was wondering it anyone had some good tips for painting bodyshells to look rusty and weathered? What sort of brushes, paint, techniques ect.? I'm looking for a very realistic, rusted 50's car look. Side note: Does anyone know if I can get white wall tyres?
  11. Snapped my E-Firestorm -2

    I got Brushless/LiPo upgrages for my E-Firestorm this christmas. I installed them and it worked great for 10 minutes until it had a collision with a parked car's tyre
  12. Snapped my E-Firestorm

    I got Brushless/LiPo upgrages for my E-Firestorm this christmas. I installed them and it worked great for 10 minutes until it had a collision with a parked car's tyre
  13. Tried it again this evening, and it worked perfecty fine
  14. Hi fellas, I have two Tf-40's (one for my Tamiya and another for my HPI) and the one for my hpi always turns on, waits for a second or so, flashes thrice, and turns off again. My other one never does this. I tried the same batteries in both transmitters and I still have the problem with the one of them. So can anyone explain this behaviour, and maybe give advice on how to fix it? Thanks.
  15. When I first joined the great world of RC, I had no idea how complex it'd be, With pinions, motor turns, and FDR, I looked for advice both near and far. I found a forum called MSUK, Now I can drive my Tamiya all day. But when I drove it through a puddle, It's ESC got in a muddle, Short circuit? Dirt in it? Or has it just simply had it? I don't really know but I know I can ask, Those wonderful people with their RC cars. That's my effort.