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  1. 10 gauge
  2. Glen fella thats worring mate you buy and sell RC to make a bit cash but you can't work out how to use a ruler correctly Thats scary
  3. I'm thinking of using plastic tubing in the rear bed bend it round the inside of the truck bed bit of shoe goo and some tape should be rock solid lol new shells aren't cheap mr guns although you dont really need to replace the roll cage bit unless it's broken or you just want that all new look that last all of ten minutes while you take a pic. Decided this time round the stock shell will stay a shelf shell and ill pic up a clear basher but that will have to wait a while as I'm after a new sensored combo for the MT410 at the minute
  4. Mr GUNS is this your old slash ?

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    2. Guns


      This is how i sold it him:


      id buy it back if i had the funds, i spent a fortune on that thing!

    3. mydoddy69


      Cheers fella ;) 

    4. evssv


      I love his yeti....looks awesome!:yes:!

  5. Get it on eBay for the best price fella on here it won't fetch no where near as much as there and your catch a wider audience .. nice few pics and a bit of info take your time on the add and it will sell Once you got it on there (personally I'd do a 99p start and a 10 day auction and let it run until the end) then pop the eBay listing in the sales section This time in 10 days time they will all be sold and your have found the best price !! I was watching one on eBay at Christmas it went for £330 plus £20 postage wasn't much different from yours either s don't sell yourself short fella If you got the original box and manuals it makes a huge difference as well so make sure you mention it if you have
  6. Lol you not got a ruler
  7. Just seen this thought it might be worth the share
  8. This is from the manual So I stand corrected you can run odd cells but you'd need to run seperate lipo alarm 2. LiPo Cells We strongly recommend setting this item manually instead of using the default setting “Auto Calc. (which means calculating the LiPo cells automatically)”. The ESC can only identify 3S, 4S, 6S and 8S LiPo packs when setting this item to “Auto Calc.”. After you power on the ESC, if the battery voltage is below 13.6V, it will be identified as a 3S, if the voltage is from 13.6V to 17.6V, it will be identified as a 4S, if the voltage is from 17.6V to 26.5V, it will be identified as a 6S, if the voltage is above 26.5V, it will be identified as a 8S. Note 2: 1) This ESC is not intended for 2S operation. Even if you can set the “LiPo Cells” to 2S, it still does not work. 2) You need to set “LiPo Cells” to “Auto Calc.” and “Cutoff Voltage” to “Disabled” if you use a NiMH pack or a 5S/7S LiPo
  9. Nope sorry chap even only
  10. I let you work that out
  11. I keep telling you this isn't Traxxas it's all good Tekno employees don't just stand at a counter they actually use there products know them inside out and back to front so you can trust the guys not to steer you wrong .. They don't need to mind as they only sell top quality lol
  12. 7772 is the pre glued 7770 is just the tyre and foam can't find any info on the 7772x so don't know sorry .. As far as I was aware Traxxas haven't released any part numbers on the new truck yet ? so you know more than me on that one
  13. As that's all it needs and the guys at Tekno are an honest bunch Your not dealing with Traxxas here you know
  14. lol it's brand new only broke the seal on the box to look inside sadly left it too late to sent it back so yeah it's got a whole years warranty
  15. Thats just mental I was told by one of the Tekno guys the only upgrade this truck needs is a alloy servo horn lol Think I'll just build them as is for now although I'll be swapping out the springs Should be able to button all mine up this week Once this ones done I think I will look at converting my ET4 over as well boy that truggy is a blast