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  1. Will savox fix/replace it ?

    Maybe not then hmmm
  2. Will savox fix/replace it ?

    The top of that black one should have teeth but has stripped
  3. Norcos losi 5ive

    No more mad than your percy! Animals aren't right if they aren't a bit nuts XD
  4. Norcos losi 5ive

    Archie is my staffy
  5. Pro MX 30.5 or ESP High Torque Championship Ported

    I'm really happy with my torque tuned esp even on a stock exhaust and being run gently it has bags of power.
  6. Norcos losi 5ive

    I didn't know :/ i may have to find someway of making it quieter though I don't think it's much louder than AJS
  7. Norcos losi 5ive

    The video makes it sound a lot quieter than it actually is!!
  8. Norcos losi 5ive

  9. Norcos losi 5ive

    I'm really happy with it. Fitted together perfectly no alignment issues with any bolts etc
  10. Norcos losi 5ive

  11. Norcos losi 5ive

    Been busy today built my spare engine using the billet crank case which unlike the Rcmodelz version didn't need the head drilling and fitted together perfectly and also fitted my new exhaust. I know there was one going second hand but I do prefer brand new
  12. Losi 5ive sell options

    As much as your not a fan of 30n shell I must admit they take a beating mine has been rolled and abused off and on road and no real damage as of yet
  13. Norcos losi 5ive

    It's not a bad pick me up for it. I'm hoping to play the same trick on the shell from you
  14. Norcos losi 5ive

    Fitted a joker designs wrap really impressed with it tbh. Due to struggling to get the Bartolone pipe unsilenced in raw I'm considering the lunatik rabid pipe. A lot of money but looks awesome
  15. Norcos losi 5ive

    Those pics are prior to Sunday though it doesn't look that different again now lol