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  1. I would like to add that this is incredible to see and hear go!
  2. What engine to go for losi 5ive

    Hmm I've just priced up a cy 4 bolt bottom end and high torque kit with stuffed crank and it's about £180 delivered from Ddm. BTW the reason for the cy case is it comes with bearings installed whereas the zenoah doesn't and I don't have a press
  3. What engine to go for losi 5ive

    The only thing putting me off is changing the piston over as I managed to destroy a piston previously dealing with those little clips lmfao any tips or thoughts?
  4. What engine to go for losi 5ive

    I am currently looking at upgrading the engine in 5ive but have no idea what route to go down. I'm more bothered about reliability and ease of use than outright power. I also don't want a g320 as I don't seem to get on well with them. My options atm are stock zen 29cc Longblock, pro mx 29cc long block or zen 29cc longblock with an esp head kit though not keen on messing with pistons etc does anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Norcos losi 5ive

    No videos this time but will get some next time. Arif will be along at some point to give more details but it started life as a blackout and isn't afraid to actually use it!!!
  6. Norcos losi 5ive

    Had an awesome bash with arif and his 5ive and jet car today!!!! Both 5ives performed faultlessly the s9010 being more than enough for steering duties
  7. Norcos losi 5ive

  8. Norcos losi 5ive

    Sort of horizon are sending a replacement s9020 but in the interim I've got a second s9010 to get me running and that will then be used in my next project or if the s9010 proves enough I may save the s9020
  9. Norcos losi 5ive

  10. Norcos losi 5ive

    Agreed the main brace etc is a great design the fitting is awful
  11. Norcos losi 5ive

    Yeah can't rememberwhere I got the idea
  12. Norcos losi 5ive

  13. Norcos losi 5ive

    I don't think anyone will dethrone aj but I'm happy settling for second lol
  14. Norcos losi 5ive

    Metal Polish is awesome stuff XD
  15. Norcos losi 5ive