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  1. Norcos losi 5ive

    Lmao its all good. I must admit the killer rc connections are a masive improvement over the darksoul ones i was using previously. I also found the tubing better quality as well. Scatteh i had looked st the wraps but they cost more than the bodylol
  2. AJ's 5ive T

    No need to do a twin conversion or anything nuts the Rcr brakes for the 5ive are perfect no fade and plenty of power and fit perfectly with the modified diff
  3. Norcos losi 5ive Not bad quality at all. I just used 4 short m5 bolts perfect fit.
  4. AJ's 5ive T

    Is it a bad time to point out that their centre diff holder is awork of art and would fit in perfectly with your build!
  5. Norcos losi 5ive

    Finally found a way to stop my action cam falling off....
  6. AJ's 5ive T

    Looking awesome buddy some very well chosen parts there. Reckon it will eh awesome with that engine in it
  7. 5ive gearing?

    I would cast a vote for the Vertigo hex drive OK it means changing the spur but it's a very well proven design and I've heard of a few blackbone issues
  8. Norcos losi 5ive

    Cheers buddy it's been a lot of hard work but it's awesome to drive and a joy to work on. The only bits left is possibly Outerwares forthe cage and possibly a larger mah battery but other than that I'm just going to keep running it. I'm not even convinced I need to change the engine. The 29cc lump in it is loosening up nicely and running really well. Touch wood lol
  9. Norcos losi 5ive

  10. So I'm not now getting a Vekta.....

    Huge price beautiful car
  11. So I'm not now getting a Vekta.....

    Is there no option for buying from the states or Europe?
  12. Fid dragon hammer vs kraken vekta

    That's really disappointing to read though I'm rather glad you have decided to join the family.I'm sure as always yours will be anamazing build!
  13. losi 5ive mini
  14. losi 5ive mini

    I would like to throw a vote in for the Bartalone one great fit and finish and vfm