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    Pro-Line is bringing the incredibly successful 1:8 Buggy Blockade tire to 1:10 Buggy! If you find yourself racing in loose, dusty or hard-packed conditions with your 1:10 Buggy - the Blockades are critical to have! The Revolutionary tread design features large lugs for class leading tread life, perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward bite and uniquely blended side tread that reduces the edginess found in other race tires. This tire will give your buggy qualifying speed with tread life capable of outlasting the competition!


    Source: Pro-Line  
    Tamiya has announced the TA07 Pro chassis kit for the masses. This unique design utilizes a single belt that is quite configurable with 3 motor mounting options to choose from to change the weight bias of the car. Sharing a lot of lower suspension parts from the Tamiya 419 TC, the TA07 Pro uses a different chassis and upper composite chassis plate - More information to follow  


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    World Champion TY Tessmann partners with VP Powermaster
    Officials with VP PowerMaster® today announced its sponsorship of current World Champion RC racer Ty Tessmann for the 2016 season. As part of the agreement, Team Tessmann will use two new VP blends -- VP PowerMaster 25% Tessmann Worlds Blend, developed for IFMAR World Championships, and VP PowerMaster 30% Tessmann Truggy, designed for Truggy and high traction buggy applications. Both blends were developed with substantial assistance from Tessmann on R&D, according to Tommy Porfirio, Sales Manager for VP PowerMaster.
    "We're proud and excited to welcome Ty, Gord and Leann Tessmann to the VP PowerMaster racing team," said Porfirio. "Team Tessmann demands the best and their results speak for themselves."
    "Power and fuel mileage are very important at any level of racing. With both of VP's formulas, we sacrifice nothing," said Gord Tessman. "These blends are time tested and have won IFMAR World and ROAR National Championships every year since their inception in 2013," Porfirio said.
    4496258 VP PowerMaster 25% Tessmann Worlds Blend
    Designed for IFMAR World Championships Proprietary oil package that contains a perfect balance of multi-viscosity oils for superior power, protection, and fuel mileage Provides for extended run time that sheds pit stops during longer main events Winner - ROAR National Championships   4496398 VP PowerMaster 30% Tessmann Truggy
    Designed for Truggy and high traction buggy applications Includes proprietary oil package containing a technically advanced EP (Extended Pressure) oil for the demands of added weight and strains of Truggys Features the ultimate combination for rpm and torque without sacrificing protection. Winner - ROAR National Championship  
    Source: Liverc  
    Pro-Line is pleased to announce the release of the 1973 Ford® Bronco body for 1:10 Rock Crawlers. Pro-Line has captured the overall essence of the Bronco and have now made it available in 1:10 scale format for 12” wheelbase Rock Crawlers! Complete with detailed grill, headlights, body molding trim, and that original distinct Bronco look, classic truck scalers will not want to be left behind!

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    - Joint project with  Lost Surfboards
    - Fully factory-assembled and complete with new lightweight surfer figure
    - 2.4ghz Syncro KT-231P radio gear
    - Water-proof Team Orion ESC and water-proof 6KG servo
    - Unique rudder design protects prop in shallow waters-
    - Team Orion 2200 mAh Ni-MH battery and wall charger included
    - Stainless steel screws and O-rings seal the decklid
    - Available at hobby and surf shops around the world!




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    Serpent Distributor EnergyRC from China, has a nice new booth at the 2016 Beijing Hobby Show and is displaying the brand new and innovative Serpent Project 4-X 1/10 TC car, the pre production Cobra RTR E-Truggy 1/8 and the pre-production RTR Cobra, E-Monstertruck 1/8 ( both 6S capable) , as well as a selection of other cars from the line up! More information to follow  




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