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    - Comes with 17pcs 64p aluminium pinions
    - Included pinions range from 21T to 37T
    - The rack is usable with 15t to 42T 48 pitch or 21T to 48T 64 pitch gears
    - Finished in signature black and gold honeycomb design
    - CNC-machined from high-quality aluminium
    - Holds up to 28 pinions
    - Holder can also be purchased separately (without the included pinions)
    - Price to follow
    - Source: LiveRC  


    Key Features:
    - 5 fully proportional channels
    - Pro-class ergonomics you can thoroughly customize
    - Advanced programming features
    - SimpleScroll™ interface
    - Built-In telemetry
    - 5.5-millisecond frame rate with compatible receivers
    - Programmable vibration alerts
    - 250-model memory
    - Programming for compatible AVC® receivers
    - Includes SR6000T telemetry receiver
    - EN328 compatible

    More information can be found here  
    The Dark Knight
    Schumacher Cougar KC 1/10th Competition 2WD
    Racing has changed. Tracks have changed. To keep up, cars have adapted, but until now have never been ahead of the game. The new Cougar KC is designed primarily for modern carpet and astro surfaces. Offering the driver four different motor layout positions with multiple battery types and fitting options. The KC has the ability to be set up perfectly, on all types of tracks, tight and twisty or open and flowing. All the parts required for all the layouts are included as standard in the kit!
    The new Cougar KC, on Carpet or Astro it has you covered!
    Due February 2017.

    The Dark Knight
    Designed for low traction dirt tracks the new Cougar KD raises the bar again. After a great performance at the European Off-Road Championships in Spain the KD prototype proved its pedigree. Both cars qualified for the ‘A’ Main, with Michal Orlowski finishing 3rd on the podium. The KD has the adjustability to be set up perfectly, from loose dirt to hard packed clay tracks as well as other low grip surfaces. Whether tight and twisty or open and flowing.
    The new Cougar KD, taking dirt seriously.

    This is the truck that started the monster truck phenomenon and brought car-crushing fun and excitement to fairgrounds and arenas everywhere!
    Traxxas faithfully captures the spirit and classic look of BIGFOOT No. 1 in amazing detail with this fully licensed replica. Relive the thrill of your first monster truck event with this classic powerhouse. Hammer the throttle for non-stop wheelies and crush the competition underneath its towering stance. Built Traxxas Tough™ for all-day fun, BIGFOOT comes out of the box fully assembled, waterproof, and Ready-To-Race®.
    More details can be found here  
    – Heavy-duty, extra-thick Lexan Bigfoot No.1 licensed monster truck body
    – TQ 2.4GHz radio system
    – Traxxas 4-amp DC peak detecting fast charger
    – Traxxas iD-equipped 7-cell power cell NiMH battery
    – Waterproof electronics all-weather, all-season R/C excitement
    – Watertight receiver box and 3 channel TQ receiver
    – Titan 12-Turn 550 modified motor
    – Powerful XL-5 waterproof electronic speed control
    – Black composite parts
    – Included optional 19-tooth pinion gear
    – Revo-Spec Torque-Control slipper clutch
    – Authentic “shaved” monster truck tires on chrome rims
    – Powder coated white springs




    Key Features
    - Efficiently designed jet pump
    - Self-Righting Hull
    - High Impact Blow Molded ABS Hull
    - Locking High Impact canopy
    - Durable composite impeller
    - Solid drive shaft with liner
    - Dynamite® 90 AMP ESC 3S Compatible
    - Powerful out-runner motor
    - Auminum/water cooled motor mount
    - Stainless steel hardware
    - 2.4GHz radio system
    - Styrofoam flotation
    - Foam canopy seal
    - Boat stand



    Full information and specification can be found here  
    The ingenious S6240RX saves weight and space by combining a digital high-speed metal geared servo with a 2-channel DSMR receiver in a single unit. The servo itself features the durability of metal gears and is capable of delivering lightning-fast transit times along with 208 oz-in of torque.
    The built-in SR2010 receiver is just as impressive. It gives racers a sense of response that feels almost instantaneous, especially when used with a DSMR radio capable of 5.5ms transmission. As if that weren't enough, the S6240RX packs all this capability into a servo case that is shorter than many standard 1/10-scale servos.

    – Size Category: Standard
    – Type: Digital
    – Application: DSMR Receiver/Servo for 1/10 Buggy, Truck, On-Road
    – Torque: 15.0kg-cm @ 6.0V
    – Speed: 0.08 sec/60 deg @ 6v
    – Length: 41mm
    – Width: 20.9mm
    – Height: 30mm
    – Weight: 56g
    – Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
    – Bearing: Dual
    – Motor Type: Coreless
    – Gear Type: Metal
    – Gear Material: Steel
    – Current Draw Idle: 9.8 mA @ 6.0V
    – Current Draw Stall: 4.9A @ 6.0V
    – Voltage: 6.0V
    – Deadband: 4µs
    Source: Spektrum  
    Improved antenna design optimizes RF signal strength Reliakote™ water-resistant coating provides electronics with protection from water, fuel and motor spray Compact, fuelproof case and lightweight design allow for installation in nearly any car or truck Equipped with the DSMR™ frequency-agile surface protocol Micro size Fastest response rate (5.5ms frame rate) Ultra lightweight Antenna tube holder built right into the receiver case Waterproof  

    Source: Spektrum  
    - Available in silver or black
    - CNC machined hub and main wheel
    - CNC machined Delrin front & inner ring
    - Internal beadlock design
    - Standard 12mm hex
    - Fast/easy to mount with 5 screws
    - Removable hub
    - Works with Vanquish SLW hubs
    - Yellow zinc plated hex head bolts


    Source: SSD  
    The Savage XL Flux combines the awesome raw power of 6S LiPo brushless power with the stability of a long wheelbase in the legendary Savage HPI monster truck package! The colossally powerful Flux Tork 2200 is ready for all the power you can run through it, and the Flux ELH-6S electronic speed controller is fully capable of up to 22.2 volts of power to let you pull off giant stunts and jaw-dropping speed. Fully equipped with super heavy-duty drivetrain parts, all-metal differentials with machine-cut gears, 2.5mm TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis, 3mm 7075 motor plate and 8mm billet motor clamps, the Savage XL Flux is stacked with options and ready to rock right out of the box!


    More information can be found here  
    Some features include:
    - 1000kV brushless system for micro hydraulic pump
    - Length- 27.1″, Width- 7.3″, Weight- 19.6 lbs
    - Theoretical Load- 33 lbs
    - 6 channel 2.4GHz radio
    - Professionally pre-assembled and fully painted
    - All metal 2 speed transmission w/ planetary gears
    - Billet aluminum transfer case, fuel tank and wheels
    - Leaf spring suspension and remote locking rear diff
    - Steel drive shaft and Metal axle housings













    Full information and specification can be found here