• Kyosho Mazda Roadster Mini-Z

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      Full specification can be found here . Source: Kyosho :) 



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    • HRC Racing 68026MG Mini Servo for 1/14 - 1/18 scale vehicles

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      New from HRC Racing we have this Mini servo created especially for 1/14 - 1/18 scale RC vehicles. Made from an ultra durable  aluminium 6061 casing and metal gears this servo is able to deliver a compact, fast and precise response. Also compatible with Traxxas 1/16 scale models.







      - Voltage: 4.8 ~ 6.0 Volts
      - Bearings: 2 Ball Bearings
      - Torque: 5.6kg/cm @ 4.8V
      - 6.9kg/cm @ 6.0V

      - Speed: 0.16s/60° @ 4.8V
      - 0.14s/60° @ 6.0V
      - Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 30mm

      - Weight: 23g
      - Servo arm: 25 splines
      - Cable: 180mm 26AWG

      - Connection: UNI plug


      Source: HRC  :) 

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    • RC4WD Spectre 1.9" Beadlock Wheels

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      CNC Machined,Billet Aluminum

      Anodizing Black

      Scale Wheel Nut Cover with RC4WD Logo

      Fits Standard 12mm Hex

      Uses Scale Hex Head Bolts for Realistic Look

      Wheel Size: 1.9''

      OD: 1.9in / 47.2mm

      Width: 1.26in / 32.1mm

      Weight: 3.1oz / 88g each




      Source: RC4WD :)

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    • Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ Competition ESC

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      Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ Competition ESC Reedy's Blackbox 1000Z+ is a simple-to-use, economical, and powerful ESC that features timing options for Modified class racers as well as zero-timing blinky mode for Spec class racers. Excellent throttle and brake feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the Blackbox 1000Z+ suitable for a variety of racing applications!





      - Lightweight plastic case with compact footprint

      - Heat sink with cooling fan

      - Fully adjustable brake and throttle functions

      - On-board, single-button programming

      - Zero-timing ROAR-approved software

      - Timing options for Modified racing

      - Low-resistance circuitry

      - Precision throttle and brake control

      - Solder tabs for easy wire placement

      - 13-gauge power wires

      - Compact external capacitor board

      - Firmware updateable

      - Competition proven


      Adjustable Settings
      - Drag Brake - Adjust automatic braking strength when the throttle trigger is returned to neutral.
      - Brake Frequency - Create a smoother or more aggressive brake feel.
      - Maximum Brake Strength - Increase or reduce the ESC's maximum braking power.
      - Power Profile - Increase or decrease "punch."
      - Drive Frequency - Create a smoother or more aggressive throttle feel.
      - Timing - Select the amount of timing fed to the motor to increase power and top speed.
      - Operation Mode - Select Forward/Brake (F/B) or Forward/Brake/Reverse (F/B/R) operation.
      - Restore Default - Restore the factory default settings


      Source: Teamassociated :) 

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    • Driven Pro Deca Aluminum Beadlock SCT Wheels

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      Source and information can be found here :) 





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    • Thunder Tiger 1/14 KAISER XS Crawler

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      The Thunder Tiger team is proud to unveil the new 1/14 Crawler KAISER XS. Don’t be fooled by the exquisite exterior of the KAISER XS, this crawler can pack a punch. The 4-link suspension system, center of gravity configuration concentrated along the mid-lines, and high torque 4X4 transmission enables the KAISER XS to navigate and conquer all types of terrain and challenges. The front wheels deploys dense CVA metal as universal shaft, enabling your KAISER XS to be fearless of any interference of gravel, muddy, or sandy roads. They come factor assembled, so you just need to charge up the batteries, pick up the remote control, and brace yourself for loads of excitement and fun!















      Source: Thundertiger :) 

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    • RC4WD Breaker 1.9" Beadlock Wheels

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      CNC Machined, Billet Aluminum

      Scale Wheel Nut Cover with RC4WD Logo

      Use Scale Hex Bolts for Realistic Look

      Wheel Size: 1.9" 12mm hex

      OD: 1.9in / 48.2mm

      Width: 1.22 in / 31.0mm

      Center Hole OD: 0.16in / 4.1mm

      Negative Offset: 0.35in / 9.1mm




      Source: RC4WD :) 


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    • Tamiya XB Mercedes-Benz G 320 - MF-01X Cabrio

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      * Expert built and ready to run

      * Pre-painted polycarbonate body in silver and matte black
      * 4wd shaft-driven MF-01X chassis
      * 239mm L wheelbase
      * Friction shocks & plastic bushings
      * Finespec 2.4GHz radio system
      * 540 brushed motor with TEU-105BK ESC




      Source: Tamiyausa :) 


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