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  • Proline BlockBuster body

    21 comments - Yesterday, 08:41 AM










    Proline have launched their new SC shell the BlockBuster.


    Outwardly it has to be one of the more ugly shells on the market, but technically its brilliant ..... A shell purely made for a gopro. So you can bash the snot out of your truck and not have to worry about destroying your gopro that is precariously pinned to the outside of a body. May the flood "incar" gopro footage begin.


    Source: Proline

  • CS Electronic Rocket V4 120A BL ESC

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    CS Electronic from Germany soon have their new Rocket V4 brushless speed controller available. The 120A rated controller features a familiar looking aluminium case with integrated on/off switch and connectors for the replaceable receiver wire and optional cooling fan. No information is available about the software features but we are sure it will be loaded with turbo and boost functions along other performance enhancing gizmos. Included with the speedo comes a USB adapter to program the V4 via your PC and giving the product page images there will also be a programming box available (or it may even be included).


  • Team Durango DNX8 prototype – First image

    2 comments - Apr 22 2014 08:22 AM



    In the wake of this weekend’s Neo Race in the UK Team Durango’s Jörn Neumann released this image of the prototype DNX8, the supposed follow-up model of the ageing DNX408. Details on the buggy are not available yet but looking at the image it appears that the DNX8 is of a more conventional design than its predecessor with a wider chassis and/or wider side pods. The front suspension makes use of a pivot ball construction with composite upper A-arms and also the engine position seems to have changed a bit. We bring you more information on the vehicle as soon as we get them.

    Image: Jörn Neumann

    [Source - RedRC.net]

  • VBC Racing Firebolt DM 2WD buggy kit

    0 comments - Apr 22 2014 08:19 AM



    VBC Racing have released first renderings of their forthcoming Firebolt DM 2WD off-road buggy. The company’s first buggy kit features a slim aluminium chassis with composite sidepods, “gullwing” front and rear wishbones, aluminium big-bore shock absorbers and – by the looks of things – carbon fibre front and rear shock towers. Given the images, many of the suspension settings are adjustable using threaded inserts and a brace on front of the mid motor allowed the use of a fan unit for improved cooling in hot ambient temperatures. Although the images only show the mid motor variant it is understood that the Firebolt will feature a convertible gearbox design to run the buggy in rear motor configuration also. The kit will hit the stores this Summer and we bring you more information as soon as we get them.






    Source:  RedRC.netVBC Racing [vbcracing.com]

  • First Pictures of Tamiya TB Evo 6, Tamiya M05 v2 and TB04 Pro V2

    1 comments - Apr 15 2014 07:50 AM



    Here is the first TB Evo 6 Cad picture released.

    As can be seen we do have the plastic Bulkheads, also note the floating servo mount and the motor mount looks very nice and accessible :)


    More info www.TheRcRacer.com

  • Kyosho Scorpion re-release

    9 comments - Apr 14 2014 08:08 AM


    Kyosho legt den legendären 2WD-Buggy Scorpion von 1982 neu auf! Der Buggy galt in den 80ern als schärfster Konkurrent des Tamiya Rough Rider und war mit einem Alu-Leiterrahmenchassis, Öldruckdämpfern an Schräglenkerachsen, einem weit hinten montierten RS540S Elektromotor sowie einer mehrteiligen Karosserie mit Fahrerfigur ausgestattet. Weitere Infos zum Scorpion Re-Release sollen laut Kyosho demnächst folgen.

    Dodgy google translation;
    Kyosho puts the legendary 2WD Buggy Scorpion 1982 on new! The buggy was in the 80s as fiercest competitor of the Tamiya Rough Rider and was with an aluminum ladder frame chassis, oil-filled shock absorbers to trailing arm axles, a wide rear-mounted electric motor and RS540S a multipart body equipped with driver figure. More information about the Scorpion re-release to follow shortly, according to Kyosho.

  • Tamiya 58592 Rock Socker

    0 comments - Apr 10 2014 07:52 AM





    This is a CR-01 Rock Crawling chassis which has been outfitted with a modified Stadium Blitzer body.
    The CR-01 Chassis features a 4-link suspension with a number of features that enable driving on extremely bumpy and uneven terrain.
    The body of the car is based upon a Tamiya classic, the Stadium Blitzer, which has been modified, featuring an updated color scheme and brand new marking stickers.
    The shaft driven chassis features a compact planetary gearbox which transfers power to the wheels, and is small enough to enable a lower center of gravity.
    The CR-01 chassis’s supreme climbing ability stems from the rigid 4-link suspension with front/rear stabilizers. It is fitted with push rod-actuated oil dampers, with coil springs to act as tension springs.
    Front and rear 3-bevel differentials are lockable to provide even better traction off-road.
    Tires with side tread patterns provide further-enhanced grip.


    Product Specifications

    Scale: 1/10
    Construction type: assembly kit
    Terrain use: multi-purpose
    Drive-train: 4WD
    Drive type : gearbox
    Drive line : solid axle
    Differential type: gear
    Suspension: solid axle
    Steering mechanism: direct servo
    Shock damper : oil-filled damper
    Shock damper material : plastic
    Tire type: rubber
    Tire tread: block-pattern
    Body material: Polycarbonate
    Chassis material: aluminium & plastic
    Electronic Speed Control : not included
    LED Light buckets: no
    LED lights: no
    Motor: 540-brushed type
    Bearings: shielded ball bearing
    Adjustable camber: fixed
    Adjustable toe angles: front and rear
    Adjustable ground clearance: yes
    Adjustable gear ratio: yes
    Adjustable wheelbase: fixed
    Adjustable track width: fixed
    Adjustable shock angle: yes

    Requires: 2-channel radio gear & electronic speed control, 7.2 battery & charger, polycarbonate paint



  • Mugen MBX-7T & 7T Eco

    4 comments - Apr 06 2014 05:28 PM


    Mugen Seiki soon have the new MBX-7T nitro and MBX-7T Eco electric truggy available. Coming in May, the follow-up models of the current MBX-6 truggy are based off the IFMAR World Championship winning MBX-6 buggy and come with several new or updated parts such as new aluminium shock towers, redesigned radio trays and new low-profile bodyshells. More information and images can be found over at our friends of Red RC.




    Link: Mugen Seiki website


    Source : Area52

  • Kyosho Ultima SC6 2WD SC truck

    1 comments - Apr 06 2014 05:27 PM


    Available very soon from Kyosho is the SC6 2WD short course kit. Based off the RB6 and RT6 platform the truck features a long 7075 aluminium chassis, RT6-ish A-arms, newly design body mounts and of course the SC6 allows you to run it in mid or rear motor configuration. Like the RT6, Kyosho's latest SC truck comes with aluminium steering parts, long travel aluminium big bore shocks and without bodyshell.




    – Triple-sealed big bore shocks
    – X-Gear shock springs
    – 7075 aluminium chassis
    – Convertible gearbox for mid and rear motor configuration
    – Battery mount for stick, saddle and shorty packs
    – Ball differential
    – Universal driveshafts
    – Oversized slipper clutch
    – Newly designed 1-piece front wheel axles
    – Aluminium steering bellcranks and steering link
    – 12mm wheel hex adapters

    Link: Kyosho Ultima SC6 2WD SC truck


    Source : Area52

  • Samix TRF418 chassis conversion kit

    0 comments - Apr 06 2014 05:23 PM


    New company Samix introduce their first option part in the form of a chassis conversion kit for the Tamiya TRF418. The kit is based on a 82mm wide and 2.35mm thick carbon fibre chassis that is slightly softer and narrower than the TRF kit part to make for more torsional flex and higher corner speed without having to worry about the chassis plate bottoming out during heavy cornering. Included with the matte-finish chassis is also a blue anodised aluminium steering post stiffener, a blue anodised aluminium floating motor mount, battery positioners and a spring steel layshaft. The kit already prove its performance by making the Modified TC A-main at the recent TITC event in the hands of Nicholas Lee. Samix are currently working on launching their company website and in the meantime you can find more information on their Facebook page.

    Click here to view more photos

    Source : Redrc


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