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  2. Already read that post, other usefull info, but not about this particular problem... Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  3. So I went up to the hills near me for a little cross country. There were a few parts that could be used as jumps but it was mainly a cross country hike type deal. More like a crawler in some places. Lots of mud, pine needles, tree roots, rocks and other obstacles which made it great fun even without being able to get up full speed that often or do any big jumps. As a result, this happened ... Ready for a bath .. Uploads/20170124_150709_zps2dmacjtx.jpg[.img] And afterwards, I almost did a little sex wee when you do a comparison from being dirty as *!&" to being fresh and clean ... Job done!!
  4. i also have a spare fan but it wont spin with the magnetic field of the motor
  5. There maybe some info in that thread.
  6. MSUK Forum site is playing up occasionally 504 Gateway Time Out

  7. Cool, I'll be running the slipper pretty tight, its more to protect the drivetrain, motor/ESC than to tame the start up power
  8. What IL do is IL do pic how it is might be something ive missed something simple were I've rushed
  9. Not sure if the fact it's brushless and with a slipper will really make any difference to oil selection, but around 5k-10k seems to be what most use, myself included, it allows for a nice amount of play but keeps the wheels together when needed. With the slipper removing some of the immediate power, you may want to opt for the 10k.
  10. That's a shame, back to plan A for now, I'll wait till I have some bigger lipos in my hand and work it out from there Anyway had this turn up today..... Ive got a PCSC clutch arriving tomorrow, once that's here I'll rebuild the rear end with these parts and the Chase towers I already have, this now leads on to my new question... What oil are people running in their diff???
  11. Thanks sounds like its going ok then there was plenty coming out the exhaust. Going well so far have had 2 tanks through at idle and 1 tank at quarter tank. Temp wise the engine hasn't got over 160f so far.
  12. Keep blipping throttle to clear fuel out, sounds fine as should be rich settings to break in new engine, plenty residue coming out exhaust. Run a couple tanks at idle then try to run in it on ground, but low throttle. If it cuts out then lean a bit. Dont forget to tighten glow plug if loosened. Check glow plug condition, break in puts more stress on plug wire.
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  14. How much would do the fan cover for? cant go too high as it will be fitted to a long block backup engine. regards.
  15. Ok it has started it seems to be idling fairly quickly and just turning the wheels slightly spluttering at times. I have set the trim on my tx to keep the throttle slightly open if I leave it closed it cuts out. Does this sound about right? First tank of fuel through it now. Have set the piston at the bottom and will let it cool for a few mins then will carry on with the break in.
  16. I should have some, I'll check when I get home this evening
  17. 10 gauge
  18. Thank you will give that all a try. Think I wasn't heating it anywhere near enough.
  19. Just be a patient, sounds like a new engine, get a few more tanks through it before fully optimised tune, as will help prolong life.
  20. Been watching the video in the tuning guide and I am now sure than ever that despite the cold weather I am running the car 2 rich and it needs leaning out a bit both on the top of bottom end going to take it out now so will come back and report what happened thanks to everyone how has helped so far and keep the replies rolling in just in case I still have problems when I get back.
  21. Grafil do a few bodies, just been on there website, there a bit too crazy for me
  22. As hot as you can get it, about 200F would be good to reduce stress on new parts. Loosen glow plug a bit as pinch will be tight on new engine, but tighten up once running. Increase idle rpm a bit using your Tx, have the wheels off the ground. Make sure you are getting fuel in the engine by watching fuel lines or squirt some fuel into the carb. Break it in carefully, move piston to BDC when cooling down. Down tune for performance immediately.
  23. has it got a bit extra like mud guard under the shell at front? looks to have on photos
  24. I have over 30 RC trucks some nitro battery it was a question that some might had a more info answer other then have you had electric RC experience?!
  25. Thanks will have a read now
  26. No it's not mate
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